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Unfortunately you or some you care about has been arrested or charged with a crime … the State Attorney’s Office and law enforcement are investigating your case, and you need answers to questions now. As an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer , I will answer your questions and speak with you about the possible defenses and strategies that can be applied to the defense of your case and your future.

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Can my case be dismissed?
Could I get a Pre-Trial Intervention?
Can I avoid going to jail or prison?
Am I eligible for probation and how would that work?
Can we file a motion to suppress the evidence in my case that illegally seized?
Will my case go trial?
Can I dispose of my case without going to trial?
Will I lose my financial aid for my school tuition?

Can my record be sealed after my case over?

Under certain circumstances you may possibly be able to have your record sealed even if you are actually guilty of the crime you have been charged with. There are certain crimes you can expunge or seal however, in order to have your record sealed you case must have resulted in a “with hold of adjudication”; the case gets filed as a “no information” or a “nolle prosequi”; your case was “dismissed” by the court or you went to trial and the verdict was a “not guilty”. A permanent criminal record can have devastating circumstances.

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For aggressive, comprehensive and affordable representation just give me a call, it’s a free consultation and I have affordable payment plans with reasonable down payments. Every case is unique; not all cases will go to trial and each case requires different hours of preparation, however, after speaking with you in detail about your case I will be able to tell what the legal fees and costs will be to defend your case.

Types of Criminal Cases

Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

Criminal Law

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