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Mr. Amarosa, who humbly and simply asked to be called, "James" during our phone calls is a phenomenal lawyer who is well versed and knowledgeable in the legal progress, and makes himself readily available to his clients whenever they need to get in touch with him. He is an avid listener and concisely and adequately communicates with you with regards to any and all questions you may have. He succinctly handled our current issue in a quicker manner than we had anticipated and waved the second portion of his fee (while not everyone should anticipate this, his professionalism to extend this courtesy to us for successfully completing our case in a faster than anticipated manner speaks volumes towards this mans character). James is a remarkable lawyer but an even better person. Do not hesitate to contact his office if you are in need of a legal services. Results are not always guaranteed but Mr. Amarosa will offer you nothing short of his best.

Jason, a Criminal Defense Client

James Amarosa is the best lawyer I've worked with. He's trustworthy, as well as being very knowledgeable in the legal field. When I first talked to James we both discussed and agreed on our ideal outcome for the case, and he worked with me until we reached that goal.

A Criminal Defense client

Mr. Amarosa is one of the best attorney's that I've had the pleasure of working with. He kept me informed in a timely manner, and provided all options for the total outcome.

Kevin, a Personal Injury client

Mr. Amarosa has bent over backwards making and keeping me informed on the happenings of this case. He has taken the stress for the most part away and guided me through this very thoroughly.

John, a Car Accident Client

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