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What our clients say about us

I was in need of Legal Counsel for a very serious case. Mr. Amarosa is not just any Attorney; he is a cut above the rest. He is an Innovator in his field and someone who knows how to get the best possible results when the odds seem impossible. He communicates honestly and professionally always and will give you the facts as they are without sugar coating anything. I could not be happier with the results of my case and the way it was handled by Mr. Amarosa; HE IS THE REAL DEAL. If you want your case handled professionally and are seeking the best possible outcome, look no further than the Amarosa Law Firm.

Jaime P.

I have had a great experience working with the Amarosa Law Firm. I first reached out to Mr. Amarosa towards the end of the 2017. It’s 2019, and now that I have everything resolved I couldn’t be happier. Great communication, knows exactly what he is talking about. Very fair when it comes to pricing and he works super hard to get the best possible results. Elizabeth is a awesome paralegal and always relays any messages you leave in a timely manner and is always in the loop. You can’t go wrong with this law firm!


I was injured in an accident by a company's vehicle/driver by no fault of my own in 2019. A family friend recommended James Amarosa as he helped her with an accident claim a few years back. After some additional research, I reached out. Throughout the process of reaching a settlement, Jimmy proved to be responsive, knowledgeable and professional. My case was recently settled and I am very pleased with the result and appreciate the work put in by Jimmy and his team. Highly recommend.

Mike Klostreich

I've been struggling for the longest time trying to find the right words to describe my experience with Mr. Amarosa, and still find myself having a hard time. Let me just start by saying he's a solid guy, hardworking and dedicated to his craft. I can't go into the details of my cases, but I can say that I had a few cases stacked against me and was in desperate need of a good lawyer. Mr. Amarosa exceeded my expectations by far.... I needed a good lawyer, Mr. Amarosa was AWESOME! He not only took my cases, but he did so for a reasonable fee. I can't say enough about the amount of time and hard work Mr. Amarosa put in to get the results we got. Had things gone differently, I wouldn't be writing this review. With that said, I owe a BIG thanks to the Amarosa Law Firm for their dedication and hard work. It's because of you sir that I'm a free man today. So from all of us in the Barner family, we thank you. We love you. In the event we need you again, we'll be calling you!

Mr. Amarosa took my son's case under very difficult situations. The Doctors seeing my son was delaying all the paper work but at the end we were able to settle with the insurance company due to Mr. Amarosa's hard work. Would defiantly recommend Amarosa and hire him again. Thank You Mr. Amarosa

I hired Amarosa almost 2 years ago, never had any problems he kept his word, always kept me updated, never made promises, and ALWAYS professional. by far one of the best lawyers in the Tampa, Florida area!

James is the most professional and thorough attorney. he advised me odd the best options for a positive outcome and even worked diligently to assure that all my needs and rights were covered so that I may still pursue goals in life without detriment. He assured me that he would do everything possible for me and he upheld his promise. even after my case was done he helped clarify things so that there were no misunderstandings that would cost me undue hardships. Mr. Amarosa is a to notch 5 star attorney who can be trusted to do what's best for YOU.

James Amarosa WILL GET YOU OUT OF TROUBLE. Better call Saul? Not if you're in Tampa. Better call Jim. This is THE go to guy for southern Florida. I am an actress currently living between la and Austin now, and I still call Mr Amarosa for ANY and all legal advice, though I am states away. He worked with the da when he was younger...can't remember how...or in what context...but it enabled him to KNOW exactly how you'll be tried, quite simply...because he used to be the guy trying you. He has "been behind enemy lines" and he knows their secrets now. But all joking aside, who better to defend you? He Gave up prosecuting to defend those who needed his help in clearing their names. So Not only is he intelligent, He also has this rly unique love of being some sort of sophisticated yet ferocious guard dog for justice. So much so that he is in love with his work. He's addicted to it. He hustles and works tirelessly. It is this love of his work that also tends to make him fair monetarily. I Didn't have a lot of cash so he gave me a fair deal anyway, because he rly wanted to see my case absolved. Don't get me wrong. He's not THE cheapest. And you'll pay. But he'll be patient about it, and he'll also EARN EVERY PENNY. He absolutely stunned me with how ridiculously fast he helped me fix my situation. I had genuinely landed myself In a heap of trouble...completely by accident and had no idea where to turn. I was a first-time offender who unbeknownst to me... rly pissed off a police officer, which somehow led to me getting hit with a completely trumped up felony charge. Jim Amarosa literally laughed at the ridiculousness of this, the moment he heard about it, and did not stop working on my case until it was resolved. He also, went to court ON MY BEHALF several times, so that I could continue to work, and only had to go to the court room when it was ABOSULTELY needed. but somehow still rapped it up quickly. He's THE best lawyer I've ever had. HE WILL do the best he can for you. This guy will fight for you. Again, if you're in Florida, better call Jim. He's a rarity. I wish there was one of him in every state.

Mr. Amarosa, who humbly and simply asked to be called, "James" during our phone calls is a phenomenal lawyer who is well versed and knowledgeable in the legal progress, and makes himself readily available to his clients whenever they need to get in touch with him. He is an avid listener and concisely and adequately communicates with you with regards to any and all questions you may have. He succinctly handled our current issue in a quicker manner than we had anticipated and waved the second portion of his fee (while not everyone should anticipate this, his professionalism to extend this courtesy to us for successfully completing our case in a faster than anticipated manner speaks volumes towards this mans character). James is a remarkable lawyer but an even better person. Do not hesitate to contact his office if you are in need of a legal services. Results are not always guaranteed but Mr. Amarosa will offer you nothing short of his best.

Jason, a Criminal Defense Client

James Amarosa is the best lawyer I've worked with. He's trustworthy, as well as being very knowledgeable in the legal field. When I first talked to James we both discussed and agreed on our ideal outcome for the case, and he worked with me until we reached that goal.

A Criminal Defense client

Mr. Amarosa is one of the best attorney's that I've had the pleasure of working with. He kept me informed in a timely manner, and provided all options for the total outcome.

Kevin, a Personal Injury client

Mr. Amarosa has bent over backwards making and keeping me informed on the happenings of this case. He has taken the stress for the most part away and guided me through this very thoroughly.

John, a Car Accident Client

Best Lawyer i ever met . Thank you James.

Juan Hinestroza

I hired this attorney to handle some of my most personal matters. This attorney was not only professional but was on point. He handled my case with professionalism and treated me with complete respect. I recommend that everyone hires this attorney.

Lizzybet -Tampa

The whole process was quick and painless. The firm has an efficient automated system where I was notified every step of the process. Communication was fast. My case was dismissed. 5 stars aren’t enough.

Jason Kupperman

Outstanding results that I am not sure I would have gotten elsewhere. Jim was punctual and polite in all his communication with me.

Rory Nagem

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